Welcome to OZNZ Gaming

OZNZ Gaming is a welcoming group of individuals with a shared interest in video games. 

While OZNZ Gaming is mostly focused around Sim Racing and Space Sims, our members enjoy a vast array of games and you can often find someone wanting to play almost anything!

If you are looking for clean, competitive Sim Racing, some casual time adventuring around the Universe, or a bit of fun in your favorite game, OZNZ is the place for you!

Voice Chat

Here at OZNZ Gaming, we use Discord as our platform of choice when it comes to Voice Chat. 

Our members can often be found hanging out on Discord while they game and are happy to have new members jump in and start up a conversation.

If you are joining OZNZ Gaming to take part in the OZNZ Sim Racing League events, members are required to be on voice chat during the race, even if you do not have a microphone. 

This is so members can hear race calls from the Admins.

The servers are password locked for League races and the only way to get the password is on Discord Voice Chat.

You can download the Discord desktop app from


You can click connect on the widget to the right once you have installed the app, or you can manually add the OZNZ Gaming Channel with the following invite link


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