If you are looking for information on current or upcoming OZNZ series, you can find it here.

Our Event Calendar is kept as up to date as possible with Race dates and events and you can

look ahead to how the year has been broken down into seasons for racing.

For members interested in breaking down the data for a race session, we have sTracker integrated into

our Assetto Corsa Dedicated servers which keeps track of the data for every race session.

Current Series Information

OZNZ TT British Cup


The Germans are heading across the channel to take on some of the 

UK's toughest pieces of tarmac in the Audi TT Cup car!


Grand National

It's Road, it's Oval and it's guaranteed to excite!

The OZNZ Grand National,

A rootin' tootin' good time for all!


OEC / OSC GLA League 

During 2018, OZNZ Drivers, sponsored by Traxstar Race Wear, will be competing in the West End Mazda Oceanic Endurance Championship and the Geodesic Oceanic Sprint Championship, hosted by GT Leagues Australia and

broadcast by V8SONLINE.


OZNZ Enduro Cup


Take on the world of Endurance racing in three infamous GTE cars!


Special Events

OZNZ Abarth Sprint Trophy


On Sunday the 16th of December we take the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse

 to Japan for one night of chaotic racing at four infamous tracks!


Event Calendar

OZNZ Servers

OZNZ has three full-time dedicated servers for Assetto Corsa.

The servers are open to the public during the week and are only shutdown on Sunday nights for league racing.

To find the OZNZ dedicated servers in Assetto Corsa just put OZNZ into the search bar.

Make sure you have your filters set to match the example image so the servers will show up even if you have a content mis-match.

Server 1: OZNZ GTE Championship Practice.

Cars: Porsche 911 RSR 2017, Corvette C7R

Track: Monza.

Server 2: Currently Offline.

Server 3: OZNZ Grand National Round 2 Practice.

Cars: 55 Chevy.

Track: Watkins Glen.

*Note: This server list does not automatically update, so online/offline status may be incorrect. We endeavor to have as little down time on the servers as possible.

Driver Roster waiting list

The Driver Roster waiting list is a system that exists for when we have more sign ups for a series than available places in the server.

Each week the OZNZ Official race server will be setup to have the maximum number of drivers on track. This number is dictated by the number of pit boxes available for each track.

Drivers will be assigned to the Entry list based on the order in which they signed up for the series. Once the Entry list is full, any Drivers who did not make it into the Entry list because of track grid limitations will be placed on the waiting list.

Five minutes before Qualification (or the Race in the case of Random grids) the official practice session will be shut down and we will adjust the entry list if necessary. 

If a Driver who is on the waiting list is online ready to race, they will assume the spot of the Grid of a Driver who has not shown up. The driver who has not shown up will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list for the next round.


Series Stipulations

Series Stipulations are various settings/options that will be set for a series. 


OZNZ Standard:

The Standard structure awards points down to 30th position.

Drop Round:

At the conclusion of a series, drivers will have their worst points round dropped from their season total.

Joker Round:

Drivers elect a joker round when registering for a series.

They will receive an additional 20% Points bonus for the round.

Start Type:


Standing start from the track starting grid.


Rolling start controlled by Admins. Race usually includes a formation lap.

Starting Grid:


Drivers are assigned a random grid position for race start.


Drivers participate in a Qualification session to determine starting order.

Reverse Grid: (only used in rounds with consecutive races)

Starting grid order is reversed from the previous race finishing order.

Car Setup:


Drivers can completely customize their car setup.


Setup options are reduced to Fuel, Tyres, Brakes and Aids.


All Setup options are locked and cannot be changed.

Useful Links

The racing Rules and Regulations for

OZNZ Sim Racing

Official events.

Results for all current

and completed

OZNZ Sim Racing

Official events

The Assetto Corsa server back end database

where you can see data for all OZNZ sessions

The OZNZ Racing Steward is for members wishing to file a dispute for a racing incident that occurred during an Official event

The Downloads page

is a source of recommended mods and other resources used by OZNZ Gaming

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