How Daylight Savings affects you...

Monday, September 24, 2018


It's Daylight savings time again and with the clocks jumping forward an hour, OZNZ Members can expect changes to the race schedule.


At OZNZ Sim Racing we base our server and website times on Sydney. Once the Daylight Savings time zone shuffle is done, you can always find out when an event is starting by looking at the top of the page at The clock will always be set to Sydney time and all events will have a start time listed based on that clock.



On Sunday the 30th of September


On Sunday the 30th of September New Zealand will change to Daylight Savings time.


New Zealand: Racing 1 hour LATER than normal.

Practice starts at 9pm NZT and Qualify will start at 10pm NZT.


Australia: No change for Australian members.



From Sunday the 7th of October


On Sunday the 7th of October Australian territories that observe Daylight savings time move to Daylight savings.


WA, NT, QLD: Racing starts 1 hour EARLIER than normal.

Practice starts at 5pm AEST, Qualify starts at 6pm AEST.


New Zealand: Racing start returns to normal time.

Practice starts at 8pm NZT, Qualify starts at 9pm NZT.


SA, NSW, VIC, TAS: No change.

Practice starts at 6pm AEDT, Qualify starts at 7pm AEDT.




As always, if you are unsure about start times, refer to the clock on the website for reference.

And don't forget to post about your fading curtains and confused cows.



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