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History of OZNZ Gaming

OZNZ Gaming began in May 2015 as Project Cars OZNZ, a Steam group created for Australian and New Zealand players of Project Cars. We quickly out grew the Steam group and moved to a dedicated website on the Enjin platform.


OZNZ Sim Racing was created and the community continued to grow and evolve.

OZNZ Sim Racing became about more than Project Cars, with members regularly playing iRacing, Raceroom Racing Experience, Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa, as well as a multitude of other games.


A large number of the active OZNZ Sim Racing members were also avid Space sim fans and with Star Citizen becoming more playable with every patch, we formed OZNZ Space Corp.

Along with regular video updates from members, as well as Livestreams of various events, including the OZNZ bids in iRacing Endurance events, OZNZ TV was created to give members a common home for their channels.

Finally we moved to a new website and created the OZNZ Gaming Community, an all encompassing home for OZNZ members.

OZNZ Gaming Charter

OZNZ Gaming operates primarily in the GMT +9 to +12 time zones (Western and South Australia, and New Zealand) but we happily welcome members from around the globe.

The goal of OZNZ Gaming is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for Gamers who want a place to enjoy their online gaming experience. 

We understand that disagreements happen and the OZNZ Gaming Admin team are often available to mediate any issues between members.

If any member of OZNZ Gaming feels they are being singled out or personally attacked by another member, we encourage them to contact a member of the Admin Team.

OZNZ Gaming does not tolerate such behavior and will step in immediately to put a stop to it.

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