OZNZ Gaming Disclosure Statement

OZNZ Gaming is an Online Community rather than a Clan or Guild.

We DO NOT impose any restrictions on our members regarding participation/membership with other

Gaming Communities/Clans/Guilds/Groups/Leagues/Organizations.

OZNZ Gaming is Administered by a small group of volunteers.

OZNZ Gaming DOES NOT charge our members any money for participating in our events or to be a part of the community. 


There is a donation option for members who wish to help contribute to the operating costs of OZNZ, but it is entirely optional.

Any money donated to OZNZ Gaming will be used explicitly for OZNZ Gaming operating costs or promotions.

We will never ask members for money under any circumstances.

We expect our members to treat each other with respect. We understand that not everyone gets along, but everyone deserves to be shown respect and not to be victimized by the actions of others.

Want to help OZNZ Gaming?

You can donate to help us cover the cost of hosting our website.

The OZNZ Gaming, OZNZ  Sim Racing, OZNZ Space Corp and OZNZ TV logos are property of OZNZ Gaming.