On the back of New Zealand kicking off Daylight Savings for the summer, most of Australia follows suit tonight.

Race times will be affected for everyone as follows;

Australian areas observing Daylight Savings:

No change.

OZNZ Server times are based in Sydney, so for those moving to AEDT there is no change to listed race timings.

Australian areas NOT observing Daylight Savings:

Racing starts 1 hour EARLIER. Because the server moves forward an hour on the clock, areas not observing Daylight Savings will be an hour behind.

New Zealand:

Racing returns to regularly scheduled timings.

For the past week NZ members have been starting 1 hour later than usual. With the server moving to Daylight Savings race times return to the usual times for Sunday and Midweek racing.

If any of the changes to race timings cause confusion, please feel free to tag the admin team in the Discord text chat.

Summer is approaching and most of us can't wait for those long Summer evenings enjoying the sunshine with a cold drink in our hands.

New Zealand takes the plunge first, pushing the clocks back by an hour at 2am on Sunday morning (27/09/2020).

For our Sunday Night race tomorrow evening, the servers will go live and Racing will start at the usual time for our Australian members

For our New Zealand members, everything starts 1 hour later. This means the practice server will go live at 9pm instead of 8pm.

For the Thursday Night ACC GT4 League the same applies. The servers will go live 1 hour later for New Zealand members on Thursday 01/10/2020.

If you are unsure, jump into our Discord channel and we will be happy to clarify timings for you.

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