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Daylight Savings: Australia

This weekend it is Australia's turn to roll the clock forward an hour and kick off Daylight Savings for the Summer months. The clocks move forward from 2am Sunday morning (03/10/2021) Race timing is affected for some members, so please read below to find out how Daylight Savings affects you. Daylight Savings Observed - Australia: No Change.

We base our server timings on Sydney, so there is no change for anyone living in a state/area of Australia that observes Daylight Savings. Server will be live for Practice at 6pm AEDT with Qualification and Racing starting from 7pm AEDT.

Daylight Savings NOT Observed - Australia:

Start 1 Hour EARLIER. States/areas of Australia that do NOT observe daylight savings will start 1 hour EARLIER on the clock for Sunday night racing with Practice going live at 5pm AEST and Qualification and Racing starting from 6pm AEST. New Zealand: NZ returns to regular timings for Sunday night racing. The server is live for Practice from 8pm NZDT and Qualification and Racing start from 9pm NZDT.


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