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2018 Formula Abarth Championship

Welcome to the 2018 OZNZ Formula Abarth Championship!

In 2018 we will be taking the Tatuus FA-01 to some of our favorite Formula 1 circuits, where the racing will be hard and fast!

The Car:

Tatuus FA-01 (Formula Abarth)

Race Structure:

Single fixed lap Race, approximately 40-45 minutes.

Official practice opens at 6pm AEDT (8pm NZDT).

15 minute Qualification begins at 7pm AEDT (9pm NZDT)

Race 1 begins at approx 7:20pm AEDT (9:20pm NZDT)


For this series we will be running 4 points rounds.

We will be utilizing the drop round system for this series, so only your 3 best results will count towards your championship points.

Round 1 Race Date: 04/03/2018 Track: Albert Park (Melbourne Grand Prix)

Qualification: 15 minutes.

Race: 21 Laps Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 2 Race Date: 11/03/2018

Track: Bahrain International Circuit (Bahrain Grand Prix)

Qualification: 15 minutes.

Race: 20 Laps

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 3

Race Date: 18/03/2018

Track: Sepang international Circuit (Malaysian Grand Prix)

Qualification: 15 minutes

Race : 19 Laps

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 4 Race Date: 25/03/2018

Track: Circuit of The Americas (United States Grand Prix)

Qualification: 15 minutes

Race: 19 Laps

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Series Points Structure:

In this series we are counting points back to 30th position. Across 4 Races, only your best 3 results will count towards your championship.

Race Rules/Restrictions:

Car Setups

Setups are open. sTracker is running on the OZNZ Sim Racing servers, so please share your setups via pTracker for other members.

Pit Window (All races) The Pit is open any time for pit stops. There are no restrictions on the pit window.

Fuel Usage Fuel Usage will be set to 1.5x for all Races.

Tyre Wear Tyre Wear will be set to 1.5x for all Races.

General Lobby Settings The following Lobby settings will be used for all Races. - Full Damage - Factory Driving Aids - If the car has it in real life, you can use it.

Cut Tracks For this series, we will be enforcing the cut-track rules.

Drivers must keep 2 wheels within the white lines at all times, unless otherwise specified.

Race Rules With the exception of any rules specified above, all OZNZ Sim Racing General Rules apply for this series. The rules can be found on the Rules and Regulations page.

Discord ALL drivers MUST be on Discord for the duration of the race, even if you do not have a microphone. The server password will not be available to anyone not present on Discord. Discord Details can be found HERE

Submitting Custom Liveries:

To submit your custom livery for the series, please zip the livery folder and upload it to google drive (or other cloud storage service) then post a link to your submitted livery in the following forum thread.

Series Sign Up:

To sign up for the series, please click HERE

Driver Roster: 12

Llamafett 07, Custom livery

Machette 27, Custom livery.

McRenault 34, Custom livery.

Myrdin 78, Scheme 1.

Hegz 69, Custom livery.

2DoGs 02, Custom livery.

Gratulin, Scheme 42.

Slayer 888, Scheme 3.

KarlNZ 425, Scheme 3.

akaPillarz 84, Custom livery.

gdCrimson 26, Custom livery.

Erik 81, Custom livery.

TheGrif 12, Scheme 4

FunkyGib 22, Custom livery.

Gemonic 48, Custom livery.


Livery pack now available now!

Track Downloads

Albert Park



Circuit of the Americas

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