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OZNZ Mazda Cup Tour of Japan

Welcome to the OZNZ Mazda Cup Tour of Japan!

For this series we head off to the Land of the Rising Sun for Four rounds of intense racing in the Mazda MX-5 Cup car.

The Car:

4th Gen Mazda MX-5 Cup.

Race Structure:

For this series we will be running 4 rounds with 2 races per round.

2x 25 minute races.

Race 1: Random Grid.

Race 2: Reverse Grid of Race 1 finishing order.


For this series we will be running 4 points rounds.

We will be utilizing the drop round system for this series, so only your 3 best rounds will count towards your championship points.

Round 1 Race Date: 13/05/2018 Track: Okayama GP

Race Time: 25 minutes Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 2 Race Date: 20/05/2018

Track: Autopolis Oita

Race Time: 25 minutes

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 3

Race Date: 27/05/2018

Track: Tsukuba

Race Time: 25 minutes

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Round 4 Race Date: 03/06/2018

Track: Suzuka

Race Time: 25 minutes

Track Surface: Variable 96%

Series Points Structure:

In this series we are counting points back to 30th position. Across 4 Rounds, only your best 3 Rounds will count towards your championship.

Race Rules/Restrictions:

Race Start:

Standing Start from the grid (drive-through penalty for Jump-start)

Car Setups:

Semi-Fixed. Tyre pressure, Brake balance/pressure, driving aids and pit strategies are open for adjustment.

Pit Window (All races): The Pit is open any time for pit stops. There are no restrictions on the pit window.

Fuel Usage: Fuel Usage will be set to 1x for all Races.

Tyre Wear: Tyre Wear will be set to 1x for all Races.

General Lobby Settings: The following Lobby settings will be used for all Races. - Full Damage - Factory Driving Aids - If the car has it in real life, you can use it.

Cut Tracks: For this series, we will be enforcing the cut-track rules.

Drivers must keep 2 wheels within the white lines at all times, unless otherwise specified.

Race Rules: With the exception of any rules specified above, all OZNZ Sim Racing General Rules apply for this series. The rules can be found on the Rules and Regulations page.

Discord: ALL drivers MUST be on Discord for the duration of the race, even if you do not have a microphone. The server password will not be available to anyone not present on Discord. Discord Details can be found HERE

Series Sign Up:

To sign up for the series, please click HERE

Driver Roster: 19

H. Gebbie (Gonekiwi), 275. Custom Livery

Thomas Basting, 69. Arisoil 72

Carbo_OZ, 33. Custom Livery

Gemonic, 48. Custom Livery

Karlnz, 18. Cup 58

FunkyGib, 22. Custom Livery

Brucey, 18. Custom Livery

2DoGs, 02. Cup 61

akaPillarz, 84. Custom Livery

Hegz, 69. Custom Livery

Slayer, 3. Cup 57

Machette, 27. Custom Livery

Erik, 71. Speedsource 17

David Brister, 12. Official

Dravilmir, 03. Cup 60

llamafett, 07. Custom livery

Gratulin, 87. Cup 87

Sprtbo, 05. Cup 24

Stokesy, 55. Cup 55

Christopher Dandy, 05. Official

Livery Submissions:

Please submit your livery in the following forum thread.

Submissions close on Tuesday the 8th of May


Livery Pack now available

Track Downloads:


Autopolis Oita



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