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A Radical day at Silverstone - rFactor 2

We invite you all to race in OZNZ's first Official rFactor 2 event!

With the progress and developments S-397 (ISI no longer own it) have brought to rFactor 2 in the last year (not to mention the stunning GT3 Pack) we think the time is right to start introducing this Sim to the OZNZ Calandar.

What better way to do so than some rowdy Radical Action!

Everything used in this event is base game content and will take place on Saturday the 5th of May at 6pm AEST and 8pm NZST.

Practice: 1 hour - Silverstone GP

Round 1: Silverstone - National

- 20 minutes Private Qualifying

- 40 lap Race (~ 35 minutes)

Round 2: Silverstone - International

- 20 minutes Private Qualifying

- 40 lap Race (~ 42 minutes)

Race Structure:

- Pits open whole race

- 1 Compulsory pit stop (bind those pit limiters and ignitions :D)

- Formation Lap and Standing Start

- Full Flag Rules

- Real road surface development (marbles and rubbering in race line etc)

- Dynamic weather (may be chance of rain greening the track)

- Safety Car TBC

- No driver swaps allowed

- Full grid of 15+ opponents guaranteed

A full grid of 13 clean, fair (to the rule book) AI racers is guaranteed and humans on top of that. Don't worry though, you'll struggle to notice the AI aren't pro human drivers, you can trust them for clean and intense wheel to wheel action, they will take defensive lines etc too so don't be surprised when they put up that fair fight

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