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OZNZ Seat TCR Challenge and some Updates

OZNZ 2018 Mazda Cup Tour of Japan Results.

This past Sunday was the final round of the Mazda Cup at Suzuka. After some intense racing, Slayer managed to box out the competition and take the top step of the podium for a well deserved series title.

Second place for the series required a count back as both Carbo and Dravilmir finished out the season with 236 Points.

With the count back, Carbo just edged Dravilmir out for Second place.

Congratulations guys!

OZNZ Seat TCR Challenge.

With the Mazda Cup concluded, we are announcing the next series that will follow on from the DTM American Cup.

We will be taking the Seat TCR Touring Car around Europe to tracks visited by the Seat real life.

The front wheel drive car should provide some close door-to-door racing.

For more information about the Seat TCR Challenge, visit the Sim Racing page

Some Updates.

On the subject of the Sim Racing page, we have made some updates to the website this week that will hopefully make finding event information a much simpler process.

Gone are the News posts disguised as Series Overviews. While this served us well the format was long winded and made finding details a chore.

The new format is designed to make finding the information you need much, much simpler.

Of course, we are always open to feedback, so please contact us via Discord if you have some feedback for us.

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