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Back to basics

As much as we love racing at OZNZ Gaming, we accept the fact that we aren't professional racing drivers and that beyond some time in Karting or perhaps speedway, most of our OZNZ Sim Racing members haven't spent time behind the wheel of a real race car.

But as avid and passionate Sim Racers, we are always looking to improve our driving by finding those extra tenths of a second.

Sometimes though, putting in fast, consistent laps means very little without Racecraft.

Even the most experienced Sim Racers are always looking to improve their Racecraft and at OZNZ we firmly believe that having a better understanding of the basics can help even the most seasoned drivers.

And because we want everyone who spends time with OZNZ Gaming to have as much fun as possible when they hit the track, we've gone looking and found some brilliant videos produced by Chain Bear F1, in which he examines and breaks down Corners, Racing lines, Overtaking and Defending, all the while using great visual reference material and language we can all understand.

We highly recommend that everyone, regardless of your skill level, watches this series of videos to gain a better understanding of some of the basics of racing.

And of course, check out the rest of Chain Bear F1's videos on his Youtube channel.


Racing Lines:



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