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A new look for 2019...

... and new series announcements!

Today we launched our new look OZNZ Sim Racing page. As always, our updates to the website are aimed at making navigation of the site a lot easier and to make finding out the information you need much simpler.

The new look page features all our current and planned series as posters, which when clicked on will present you with all the information for the series.

Check it out at

Series for 2019

When planning the schedule for 2019 we decided that we wanted to expand our racing beyond the current Sunday night series in Assetto Corsa. In the past, we have occasionally run mid-week series with mixed success, but for this coming year of racing, we are going whole hog and have planned for a variety of different events to take place during the week.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa will continue to be the game we use for the Sunday night series and currently there is no plan to change that. We love the racing that we get from using AC and want it to continue in 2019.

Dirt Rally

We have made plans to run multiple Dirt Rally events throughout the year. Each rally season will run every second week and members will have 7 days to complete each event within the season. We will have the details up in the next few days for our first rally season, Le Tour de Rallye Classique, which opens on Monday the 28th of January.

Project Cars 2 and rFactor 2

With a number of members owning these games, we have decided that the mid-week series in 2019 will be run in either of these titles. Wednesday will be our mid-week race night and rounds will be run every second week, alternating with the Dirt Rally events.

The first of these series will be the Road to Indianapolis which runs for 6 rounds over 12 weeks in Project Cars 2.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Perhaps the most anticipated title for OZNZ members in 2019 is ACC, and with it's pending release, we have decided to run a 10 round series that will follow the race dates of the real life Blancpain GT series. On Wednesday evenings following the real life race weekend, OZNZ will host it's own rounds of the Blancpain GT series.

The race dates and tracks have been confirmed and loaded into the OZNZ calendar, but further details will still need to be fleshed out as we get closer to the official release of the game.


So there we have it, a new look page and a lot of racing to look forward to in 2019!

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