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Assetto Corsa Competizione Pre-season

Starting this week on Wednesday the 17th of April, we will be running the Pre-season event for the OZNZ Sim Racing Blancpain GT Series in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

As ACC has yet to leave early access and make it to a full release, we will be running the pre-season event at Monza as a Challenge event, rather than an Endurance. This means we will compete in two 30 minute races, each with their own 10 minute Qualification.

Since this is OZNZ's first attempt at an ACC event, we thought we'd help out with some tips to make race night a little bit easier.

Button Bindings:

Obviously, you will need your basic car controls, such as Steering, Throttle, Brake, Gear up, Gear down, but you should also bind some extras as well.

You will NEED to bind the following buttons;

Pit Limiter

It is recommended to bind the following buttons;

Traction Control Up

Traction Control Down


ABS Down

Game Settings:

By Default, ACC sets a very short viewing distance for the rear view mirror in the cars. We recommend adjusting the mirror view distance setting (highlighted in the screenshot) to at least 100 meters to ensure you are able to see cars behind you.

We also recommend turning on RADAR in the HUD options, as well as the Virtual Mirror if you are running a single monitor (or otherwise cannot view the cars mirrors).

Please also check the options in Assists and make sure things are set to your preference.

Joining the OZNZ Assetto Corsa Competizione Server:

To join the OZNZ Server, you must first select your car.

To select your car, you must first select and highlight any server in the list. Once you do, you can click on the Team window on the right of the screen. Choose your car, livery and driver.

When you return to the server list, click on the Search for Server by Name box at the top of the list and type in OZNZ and hit Enter. The OZNZ Server will appear in the list.

Click in the Server Password box, enter the password (only available on Discord Voice chat) and click Connect in the top right.

Known Issues with ACC:

We are going into the Pre-season event knowing that there are issues with ACC. Currently, the game is on Early Access release 0.7.2 and consequently is missing certain functionality that we require to go ahead with a full series.

The server is missing key functions regarding locking down Driver Assists and setting up the Penalty System. The server does not generate a results file at the end of any session, and we currently have no control over sessions once a server is live.

In Multiplayer, there is no on-screen results for race sessions, so we will not be able to capture the race results for the evening.

For VR users, there are various issues with the in-game menu placement.

OZNZ and ACC in the future:

Up until now we had planned on running the OZNZ ACC series on Wednesday nights following the real Blacnpain race weekend.

This past weekend was the opening round of the Blancpain GT series at Monza.

Because the game is not in it's final release and is missing key functions for us to run the series we will be sticking to the current calendar, but every event run before the required functionality is available will be considered a Pre-season event.

Once the game reaches a usable state, we will proceed with the Official events, and any events that have already been run as Pre-season events will be scheduled to run again later in the year, ensuring that we get a full 10 week season of Blancpain GT.

We've been looking forward to starting Official OZNZ events in Assetto Corsa Competizione since the game was announced and this week is the beginning of what we are hoping will be some amazingly fun racing!

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