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OZNZ Seat Leon TCR Touring Car Challenge Round 1

This past Sunday saw OZNZ Drivers jumping into the Seat Leon TCR and hitting the track at Vallelunga on the extended circuit.

The fast first and second sectors of the track proved a challenge for drivers as they fought to find the grip and perfect braking points whilst not losing to much speed costing the time and position on track, while the tight confines of the final sector provided an entirely different challenge as drivers had to find the right balance of throttle to avoid the front wheel drive Seat under-steering under acceleration.

The pace of the cars meant that the pack stayed quite close for the duration of both race 1 and race 2 and the reverse grid start in race 2 added an extra challenge as drivers battled up and down the pack.

A single yellow flag slowed progress in race 1, but once the track was Green the battle resumed.

With 7 more rounds and 14 more races scheduled for the series we are expecting the racing to only get more intense as drivers find their feet and get used to the car.


Assetto Corsa Competizione left Early Access last week with a more complete feature set for multiplayer and dedicated servers.

The scheduled round on the 5th of June will be our final Pre-season event before we kick into the OZNZ Assetto Corsa Competizione GT3 Championship starting on the 3rd of July at Zandvoort.

The original plan for the series was for the OZNZ events to take place on the Wednesday night following the real life Blancpain race weekend, running our condensed format of Sprint of Enduro races on the same track used the previous weekend.

As we were unable to jump in and start the series Officially on the 17th of April, we will now be running an adjusted schedule of events for the rest of the year.

We will still proceed with following the final 5 rounds of the Blancpain GT series and we have re-scheduled the 5 rounds that were missed.

The event details will be updated on the website and calendar in the next few days.

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