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Daylight Savings and a quick OZNZ Update

Well, it's that time of year and once again the clocks have changed and we need to let you know how the shuffling of the hour hand affects league racing at OZNZ Sim Racing.

Daylight Savings is upon us and as of today, both New Zealand and the parts of Australia that observe Daylight Savings have pushed the forward an hour.

For OZNZ League Racing, the race times are affected as below.

NZ, SA, NSW, VIS, TAS: No change to race times. Official practice launches at 6pm on Sunday night with Qualification and racing beginning at approx 7pm.

WA, NT, QLD: Racing begins 1 hour EARLIER! Official practice launches at 5pm, with Qualification and racing beginning at approx 6pm.

A quick OZNZ update:

Things are a bit behind at OZNZ at the moment. I (akaPillarz) have been busy and unwell all at once and unfortunately, OZNZ had to slide down the priority list a little.

The Admin team kept the wheels turning, finishing out the RS.01 Challenge with some great results for our members with Vander Hum taking out the top step and Erik close on his heels taking out second place for the series.

Amazing results guys!

On the subject of amazing results, 2DoGs, CarboOZ, Gemonic and Llamafett took on the iRacing Petit LeMans on Saturday and managed to survive the blind, winding corners of Road Atlanta for 10 hours to bring their Ferrari 488 GTE home 2nd in Class for their split, which is an amazing achievement!

OZNZ is on a short hiatus for the next couple of weeks. With the NRL Grand Final on tonight and the Bathurst 1000 on next Sunday, we figured trying to run official series for the few that would not be to busy or drunk to race was a bit of a waste, so we will return on Sunday the 20th of October for Round 1 of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.

Speaking of which, registration for our Penultimate series of 2019, the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge has now opened. The full series info and sign up can be found on the OZNZ Sim Racing page of the website.

In the coming week, we will reveal the details of our final series for 2019 and trust us, we are aiming to go out with a bang!

As always, thank you to everyone for your continued support of OZNZ. This community is one I am always proud to be a part of.

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