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Mid-Week Support Category Racing

Starting from Wednesday the 1st of April, OZNZ will be starting Mid-Week racing, intended to act as a support category for the Sunday Night Series.

Each Wednesday, we will race on the same Circuit that is scheduled for the upcoming Sunday and will be driving either the Toyota GT86, or the Legends Ford 34 Coupe.

We will not be counting points for the Wednesday night races, preferring to keep it as a casual race night to give us some mid-week racing and a chance to familiarize ourselves with the track for Sunday night.

We will not require drivers to register for the race as we want to encourage people to come in and join in the fun.

There will not be any custom livery submissions available either as the cars as always subject to change.

If you have been thinking about getting into Sim Racing and have Assetto Corsa, then the OZNZ Mid-Week Support Category racing might be just the thing for you! To join in the race, you just need to join us on Discord and be able to hear voice chat to get the server password.

Anyone is welcome to join us!

For information on all Current and Upcoming series, visit the Sim Racing page of the OZNZ website HERE

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