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Happy New Year. Lets get Cracking!

Happy New Year from everyone at OZNZ Gaming!

While we're all glad that 2020 is behind us, here at OZNZ we're just excited to get going on another year of Sim Racing!

This coming Sunday the 10th of January we jump back in the saddle after a 4 week break from Sunday Night league racing.

The OZNZ Sim Racing G3 Trans-Tasman Challenge sees the year start with a 6 round, 12 race series in the Guerilla Mods Chevrolet Camaro GT4 and Ford Mustang GT4 at some of our favourite Australian and New Zealand circuits.

Drivers will not only be competing for Individual points in the Drivers Standings, but will also be earning points in the Team Standings for Australia or New Zealand.

The Aussies took out the Trophy in the first Trans-Tasman Challenge in 2018, can the Kiwis make it one-all in 2021?

Drivers must register for the series to ensure there is a car assigned on the Server. If you are interested in registering for the series, please visit the Assetto Corsa page and click the Driver Registration button in the series overview.

If you are submitting a custom livery for the series, they must be submitted by Friday the 8th of January.

Happy New Year and we wish you the best of luck on and off the track!


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