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We've made it through Christmas and we're fast approaching New Years Eve and 2018.

If you are wanting to compete in the Toyota Cup starting on January the 7th, we suggest you sign up now to make sure you have a place on the grid when the engines fire up on Sunday night.

Seeing as it's the holidays, you might find yourself sitting at home having a nice relaxing time. Perhaps it would be a good time to create your very own custom livery for the Toyota Cup so you can submit it before the cut-off date of the 2nd of January.

Information and Sign up for the Toyota Cup is HERE

Custom Livery submissions can be made HERE

In the mean time, there is plenty of fun to be had in the holidays.

The OZNZ Assetto Corsa servers are currently live. You can get in some early practice for the Toyota Cup, or jump in the Mazda Cup car of the Tatuus FA-01.

The guys are also sinking their teeth into Star Citizen Alpha 3.0. Despite the obvious performance issues of the un-optimized Alpha build and the various bugs, there is lots of fun to be had and OZNZ Space Corp members are thoroughly enjoying themselves playing the game.

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After the past few weeks of the 3.0 build going through the Public Test Universe and slowly being opened up to more and more backers, earlier today Star Citizen alpha 3.0 was released to the Persistent Universe and is open to all backers.

Some OZNZ Members were giving it a go during the PTU testing and despite the bugs (hey, it IS a test universe for a pre-alpha game) they were having a great time.

Now, the Live 3.0 build is available to everyone just in time for the Christmas break. With a lot of people off work until the 8th of January, OZNZ Space Corp members will be getting and having some fun in the now expanded play area around Crusader in the Stanton System, trying the new planetary landing system, exploring the outposts and landing zones, trading and trying to earn enough reputation to take missions from Miles Eckhart and Ruto.

We look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse!

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