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A closer look at our first mid-week series for 2019 in Project Cars 2.

In 2019, we will be running various mid-week events throughout the year and our first of these events is the Road to Indianapolis series.

For this series we will be taking the Project Cars 2 Indycar to Six American circuits for some fast paced action.

The series should prove an interesting challenge for drivers as each of the tracks that they will race at will provide unique challenges.

Watkins Glen is a very fast circuit wrapped in armco barriers just waiting to catch any driver who loses their concentration even for a moment.

The elevation changes at Sonoma Raceway create blind corners and there is no room for error as drivers must trust their cars to hold onto the tarmac, even as it falls away from under them.

The fast corners of Laguna Seca invite drivers to push the limits but push to hard and the sand is ready to drag you off the island. And of course, there is the Corkscrew to deal with.

The tight confines, hard concrete walls and bumpy surface of Long Beach are just waiting to punish any drivers who don't take take her serious enough.

The Indianapolis Road Course is long and fast with hard braking for tight turns. Drivers will need to defend from the draft and be prepared to battle under brakes.

And finally, the Brickyard herself, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Our final race for the season will see us switch from the Road configuration to the Oval and take on the challenge of the Brickyard.

Strategy will play a large part in this series as drivers chew through their tyres and weigh up their various options. Keep a close eye on this series as it is likely to throw up some exciting action!

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A week ago, we launched the new look OZNZ Sim Racing page of our website, which already has some some series for 2019 available for sign up.

With Official OZNZ events concluded for 2018, we thought it would be good to have a closer look at some of our upcoming 2019 series, starting with our first Sunday series, the European Mazda MX-5 Supercup.

We have raced the Mazda MX-5 cup car in several series over the past few years and considering how much fun it is to race in, we couldn't resist jumping in again to open up the 2019 season.

For this series, we will be racing at four of our favourite European tracks available in Assetto Corsa.

We start out at Circuit Park Zandvoort running the full layout. With the varying track width, tight corners and sand ready to catch those who stray off the island, Zandvoort always provides a tough, challenging race.

From there, the racing heads to Circuit Paul Ricard, where drivers will take on the BTCC layout. The track is a technical challenge where your line matters, but can leave you open to a challenge from behind. Add to that the tough tyre bundles sprinkling the track to dissuade drivers from cutting corners and this French circuit can break the toughest driver.

From France, we travel east to Italy and the home of Kunos Simulazioni, the Autodromo Vallelunga. OZNZ has raced many times at Vallelunga in various classes of car and every time it provides a challenge. From the fast, sweeping front section to the unbelievably tight and technical stadium section, Vallelunga is a difficult track to triumph at.

And finally, the drivers will head to Latvia to take on the bumps and crests of Bikernieki Circuit. Bikernieki provides a wild ride for those drivers willing to push the limits of grip. With fierce curbs and short run-offs, Bikernieki is likely to claim a few victims.

Each race for the season will be 21 laps in length and will be paired with a 10 minute Qualification session.

The car will have a semi-fixed setup, with the suspension geometry being locked to the stock setup.

Drivers will only be able to adjust their Fuel, Tyres, Brakes and Diving aids.

This series should prove to be a lot of fun, and we can't wait!

OZNZ Euro Rally Champs 2019

A rough and ready, sweat it out, grunting and grinding, get the car across the line Championship! This series will be a short but sweet modern (2010’s class) season of the Northern Hemisphere Rallies and will be followed by a southern hemisphere season in the much-anticipated Dirt Rally 2.0 which is due to be released in late Feb / early March!

All details on the season calendar and signups can be found here:

And the optional practice event / shakedown can be found here:

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